:::: wikipedia journal?!

28 Sep

User wittylama calls for supporters to create a WikipediaJournal. In a nutshell, he has the vision of a “peer-review journal to allow/encourage academics to write Wikipedia articles and receive academic recognition for it”. Questions that arise are: What is an object-orientated academic journal? How to conceptualize the link between Wikpedia and this journal? And last but lost least the question if this is a closure in a so called self-called open space?

Note: There are also two other ideas of wittylama in Wikimedia space. One is the proposal of the  WikiJournal on Meta which proposes a journal that follows the principles

  • ‘YES! Original Research’,
  • ‘Share your Point of View’ and
  • ‘Don’t show it’s notable, make it Notable’.

There is also a further proposal for a Wiki Journal on WikiVersity/Wikia that envisions a plattform to publish articles about Wikiepdia and Wiki-related research.


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