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:::: how to analyze wikipedia?

26 Mar

Yesterday we gathered at the UvA at the Digital Methods Institute (DMI) for an informal workshop in order to exchange methodological approaches and to discuss tools to allow analyzing Wikipedia. Continue reading

:::: start of the CPoV debate(s)

5 Jan

In a bit more than a week, the first event of the Wikipedia research initiative will start. This debate likes to be understood as a critical debate which locates itself outside of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation; this debate wants to be a forum which is not ‘anti’ but reflective. CPoV means Critical Point of Views in plural and that is why not only scholars, researchers but also practitioners, artists and users are invited to present and discuss their views. I am looking very much forward!!

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:::: wikipedia’s display of the offline space

7 Dec

Mark Graham has mapped about the half a million geotagged Wikipedia articles (regardless which language version) and presents the rather unsurprinsing finding, that there is an uneven construction of the world in the Wikipedia online space. The country most tags refer to is the United States, in contrast almost all countries of Africa are almost invisible on Wikipedia in terms of geotagging. Also, he states a clear Global South/North divide. Against this backdrop, Graham daws a sober-critical conclusion:

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:::: what is the ‘gist’ of wikipedia?

27 Mar

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Please use this link to see larger visualization.

… the translingual seems invisible on the English ‘About-Page’.

:::: why wikipedia?

18 Mar

Collaboration culture implies the willingness to share information and opinions and the willingness to be open towards the communication of the ‘other’. Besides, cooperation requires „the democratic minimum of the shared ability to initiate deliberation” (Bohman). This ability I see illustrated in Wikis as another many-to-many communication application. A Wiki is a type of collaborative website, a set of linked pages that enables documents to be authored collectively. Its structure and content are open to editing and evolution.  Research on Wikipedia suggests that due to the pluralist and non-hierarchic nature of the medium, Wiki debates on the so called talk pages are often conflictual and their solution is found in ambiguity (Matei/Dobrescu). This underlines that interactions between decentred publics are rather in favour of making a common structure of dissent visible. Continue reading