:::: wikimania 2009

23 Mar

From August, 26-28, 2009 the Wikmania took place in Buenes Aires (Call for Participation). This event exists since 2005 and brings together Wikimedians from all over the world. Wikimedians contributing to projects such as Wikipedia, Wikiversity or Wikitionary gather ‘offline’ in order to exchange experiences, ideas, and research. This event is open for everyone who is interested in the projects of Wikimedia.

You find an informal as well as an academic slot, both slots provide space for presentation and discussion of:

  • Wikimedia-Communities: multilingualism, cultures, conflict resolution, group dynamics, identity.. .
  • Free knowledge:  open access, distribution of free knowledge, implementation of Wikimedia projects in education, journalism and research…
  • Latin American challenges: efforts and limitations for expanding the reach of Wikimedia projects in Latin America, specific problems of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Wikimedia communities…
  • Technical infrastructure: issues related to MediaWiki development, new ideas for technical development.


  • Submissions open since: March, 1
  • Deadline for submitting presentations and contributions to workshops or panels: April, 15
  • Deadline for submitting posters, open space discussions, and artistic works: April, 30

I have also presented a poster (johanna-poster) that highlights questions on translingual practices and political knowledge production on the Wikipedia. In all, the poster presents my research in progress and is hopefully a point of critical self-reflection of the ‘community’ which I plan to include in my thesis.


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